How to make a natural tanning oil ?

Regular application allows Argan oil give a nice tan on your face and your body. After the first exposure to the sun, your tan will also retain all its brilliance.

You will need :
- 5 tablespoons of Argan Oil
- 5 tablespoons of
Carrot Oil

To retain its radiance on your tan, coat your body with a mixture of these oils. Enriched with Argan oil and vitamin E, these natural oils will certainly help protect your skin from sun damage and helps soften and moisturize the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky.

keep in mind:

  • Tan Regularly: Regular sunbathing not only helps get you tan, but it also allows your skin to slowly acclimate to the sun’s rays.
  • Apply Oil Liberally: Don’t skimp on the natural oils— spreading them over your body will help keep your skin protected.
  • Don’t Overdo It: Laying out and basking in the sun’s rays is a pleasurable feeling, but it can be harmful to lay out for too long- this leads to sunburn. Consider using a timer to tell you when you’ve hit your limit, perhaps 20 minutes towards the beginning.

Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy, which literally means "care by odors," is the term we use to describe the therapy based on the use of essential oils. This is therefore the ability and the art of healing with essential oils.
Anytime you use a fragrant plant extract in your bath, as a massage oil, as an inhalant in your home, or for health or healing, you are practicing a form of aromatherapy. The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy defines this practice as “the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit.”

An essential oil is a volatile and fragrant fat obtained by the distillation of aromatic plants. The essential oil is present in the leaves, flowers and bark of certain plants. Ten per cent of the eight hundred thousand species of the plant world are able to synthesize an essence. Throughout history, men have used herbs for both worship their gods to heal.

Essential oils are ideal to treat the whole family daily , provided to use them correctly and wisely. Extremely efficient, reliable , natural, they address the growing need to heal quickly and effectively while respecting its body. The same principle medicine by Hippocrates : "First , do no harm ." Pleasant , fragrant, haunting , essential oils are nevertheless fierce against microbes or pain , no mercy with stress.

A hand iron in a velvet glove !

Can essential oils be used as a cosmetic product?

Of course! Many essential oils are actively involved in the beauty of our skin, our hair, our nails, some help to get rid of cellulite ... As they easily penetrate the skin barrier, they act in depth. Natural cosmetics 100% safe and effective!


Oral Use: Since they do not dissolve in water ( they are not " water-dispersible ") , do not pour them directly into a glass of water or herbal tea but mix them with a little honey , vegetable oil or place them on a sugar or a neutral tablet (pharmacy ).

Inhalation: You can enjoy their benefits through dry inhalations (of tissue) or wet (in a bowl of hot water). Or pour a few drops in a diffuser or, failing that, in a glass or porcelain saucer placed near a heat source, in order to clean the air (office, bedroom ...) or to create an atmosphere soft and fragrant.

Massage or friction:Essential oils rapidly through the skin barrier to reach the bloodstream and from there, the body "target" to treat. That is why we must not be surprised to find massage tips for a condition that seems far removed from the application site.

In Aromatic Bath: Foot baths, hands, seat, bathroom all short besides relaxing, it's a real "Plus" when not feeling well! Always mix essential oils in milk or a bath base (recommended for not bold) before diluting them in the bathwater (never too hot: 36 ° C maximum).

Acne Cared by ‪#‎EssentialOils

This skin disease from infection, staphylococcal most often hair bulbs of the face, and sometimes the shoulders and back. The origin is in excess seborrhea due to the general condition (growth) or to hormonal imbalance (puberty).

Blend of essential oils one drop each one:
Rosemary Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil

Apply a few drops of the mixture point by point, 2 times a day locally, until complete healing.

Natural remedy against anxiety attack:

What is anxiety?  It is a moral suffering without support. There is this ball in the stomach or throat, permanently present. You feel that something terrible will happen, unable to say anything. You feel totally powerless against this discomfort, and nothing can reassure you.

To mitigate the anxiety attacks, you can:

By inhalation: Inhale calmly for 2 to 3 seconds as soon as the first symptoms erupt. Through breathing, essential oil of Lavender or Petit Grain are very effective in calming anxieties.

And for a natural cure?

To calm anxiety attacks through a synergy of essential oils, follow this mixture:
• 30 drops of rosemary essential oil
• 20 drops of lavender essential oil
• 100 drops of vegetable oil prickly pear
Apply 3 drops of the mixture in the hollow wrist and 3 drops on the solar plexus at the time of crisis.