HYS-BIO Ma, Inc. is a family owned business, the result of a long-held commitment to a dynamic work ethic. With that in mind, HYSBIO was created by a Grand mother and her daughter with a dedication to two things. Enhancing the beauty of happy customers and offering Premier Quality Beauty Products at Sensible Prices.

We have a passion for high quality products and outstanding customer service, because we know that’s what keeps you coming back for more and is what keeps our doors open. Feel confident in knowing that our line of products is researched, formulated, and produced with every bit of care and our quality is every bit as good as those expensive name brands you see all over the internet and on TV.  Give our products a try today, we know you’ll be ecstatic with the results!

While most “name brand” beauty companies paying expensive models to pose with their products; we limit the amount of advertising in order to keep costs down to provide you with exceptional quality products at reasonable prices, we do ask that you help us promote our brand via word of mouth and social sharing. It only takes a few seconds to spread the word, and it ensures that you’ll have high quality products from HYSBIO® for years to come!

By purchasing your beauty products from us, you’re helping us to support rural women for business in the Moroccan Villages where the Argan trees originate. This opportunity evokes a great sense of empowerment; a steady income has been allowing rural women a new source of freedom to become self-sufficient. We completely avoid the “middle man” and bypassing intermediaries, to offer you the best pricing you can find on 100% genuine products.

“We wake up Each Day with a vision to provide the maximum value to you, our beloved customer. We attach great importance to the human value as part of an order online. Even though we-have thousands of customers from all around the globe, our task is to treat you as if you’re our only customer”
HYK, Founder - HYSBIO

We invite you to experience and discover the HYSBIO® performance behind the headlines.