1. Shipping costs and delivery costs:

HYSBIO immediately processes your order when payment authorization is confirmed. You are delivered within 3 to 10 days for shipments by FedEx. However, some circumstances that are beyond our control may delay the shipment.

PLEASE NOTE: Your home country may require you to pay customs fees for imported products. HYSBIO, Sarl has no way of calculating these costs and you are completely responsible for these charges at the time of delivery. If you refuse the package at the time of delivery, HYSBIO Sarl; will not refund any of the purchase price or shipping charges.


The shipping costs are always calculated using the following volumetric calculation: Dimensional weight in kg per package = Length x Height x Width in cm / 5,000 is charged when the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight. It applies to EMEA export and import shipments.

1.1 Trading and export:

At HYSBIO, we do our best to serve our clients and make them happy in all the process of making orders till receiving and using our products.

Shipping is a crucial step in trading and export. For this reason we have three shipping methods:

1- FedEx Priority Door to door: Any Quantity - 3 to 10 days

2- Air Cargo to the nearest airport: MOQ 100 Kg - 4 to 15 days

3- Ocean Freight: MOQ 1000 kg - 21 to 30 days

*All the shipping delays depend on the destination ports/airports.


1.2 Check my order status:

All HYSBIO registered users have the ability to check the status of their order and if their orders have arrived. To do so, go to My Account and click on My Orders.

Alternatively, you can contact our Customer Services by email at Customer.services@hys-bio.com or call us at +212631274587 - from Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 17.30pm GMT Time.


1.3 Shipping  orders overseas:

Yes we do, HYSBIO delivers worldwide.

1.4 At when HYSBIO do the shipping of your parcel :

 We make every effort to ship within 1-2 business day once your payment authorization is confirmed. However, some circumstances that are beyond our control may delay the shipment. Orders usually delivered within three to ten business days.



1.5 Do HYSBIO do shipping to P.O. Boxes

We do not currently ship to P.O. Boxes. We ship via FedEx, therefore we need a physical address, and will require a signature on delivery.



2. Online ordering

Proof of payments made by our customers is securely held in our computerized records. Backups of all transactions and corresponding invoices are kept securely and durably and can be made available to a court of justice in any litigious situation. Access to any record can be granted to our customers upon simple request provided that the transaction implies an order amounting to 150 USD/Euros or more. HYSBIO reserves the right to cancel any order from a customer with whom a prior payment problem has remained unsolved.

3. Product availability

Our product offers and prices remain valid so long as they are displayed on our website and subject to stock availability.

4. Product identification and certification 

We create ourselves all photos, texts, drawings, and files related to our products. The products that we propose are in compliance with the Moroccan norms and legislation. For any product order made for the purpose of exporting it to another country, it is your responsibility to ensure that the product complies with the legislation of the country of destination which includes administrative declarations, payment of taxes, possible usage restrictions, etc... Our responsibility is not engaged for non-compliance on your part to the legislation of the country where the product is to be exported. It is your duty to verify all conditions of export and use of the products with the local authorities of the country of destination prior to exporting it.

5. Filling order forms

Checking that all information required is complete and accurate will ensure a problem free order and delivery. For example, double-checking that the delivery address has been correctly entered will ensure that delivery is made with no extra delay. We would have to charge you for shipping a second time if a parcel had been returned because of an incorrect delivery address.

6. Prices

Prices are in USD / Euros or MAD and include taxes (TTC: Toutes Taxes Comprises, All Tax Included). Prices displayed on product pages do not include shipping charges. Prices displayed in the order confirmation are final prices and include tax for Morocco.

7. Payment methods

Orders can be payed using one of the following methods: Bank transfers.

Here are our bank details:                                                                                                
Bank name: Societe General Marocaine des Banques                                                             
Beneficiary: HYSBIO S.A.R.L                                                                                         
Account Number: 022 780 000 087 00 277054 36 74                                                                    
Agency name: CASA Moulay Youssef                                                                                      
Swift code: SGMBMAMC

Check orders will be fulfilled upon reception of funds, with the check being deposited immediately. Availability as well as delivery delays are counted from the time payment is effectively credited to our account.

8. Secured online payment

Submitting the order form implies that you are authorized to use the payment method that you have chosen (Bank Card or Check). We make sure on our side that the sensitive information, that you transmit to us is fully encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. This means that your ordering information can never be readable by any third party while transiting on the network. Payments are made directly to our bank account Groupe SGMB .

9. Delivery delays

Our maximum turnaround time is 24 hours with products being usually shipped during the next business day following an order. Delivery delays applicable are mentioned on the order form. Availability and shipping delays are always counted from the time effective payment has been made. In case of a late delivery originated from FEDEX / Amana in Morocco, we recommend that you check with them within eight business days following the announced shipping date to make sure that your parcel is not being held at the Fedex or Amana office. You can also report this extra delay to our Customer Service by emailing to: customer.services@hys-bio.com or by calling us at: 212 631 274 587.

10. Product return

You are permitted by law to return a product to us within seven days after its reception with no obligation on your part to state a motive or pay a penalty except for, in some cases, the return expense itself (Dahir n°1-11-03 du 14 Rabii I 1432 (18 février 2011)). If the seventh day is a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, the next business day applies. In order to ensure a good return, you are invited to signal it first to our Customer Service (customer.services@hys-bio.com). In such a case, you may either request a refund or an exchange with another product representing an amount equivalent or greater (with the payment difference made accordingly) than the product first ordered. Return expenses are to your charge, with a return product needing to be in perfect condition. Upon acceptation of a returned product, we will make our best efforts to refund you within 30 days. We will then credit back your account, using the same secure payment method that was used when your order was first placed.

11. Non-liabilities

Are considered as fortuitous or force majeure, thereby not implying any liabilities, cases by which facts or circumstances are uncontrollable, unpredictable and unchangeable by the sole will of the parties. In such an event, a mutual examination of the incidence of these facts or circumstances is to be privileged in order to determine the conditions under which the execution of the agreement can be continued.

12. "Computers and freedom" laws

The Moroccan Law "Informatique et libertés des personnes physiques " loi n° 09-08 relative à la protection des personnes physiques à l'égard des traitements des données à caractère personnel promulguée par le Décret n° 2-09-165 ; allows you to verify and modify your personal information data. This can be made by sending a letter to HYSBIO SARL, 36B Boulevard Anfa Résidence Anafée , CP 20000 Casablanca Morocco.  According to the options you selected when creating or modifying your account, you may from time to time receive offers from our company. If you wish this to cease, you may at any time request it from us by writing to us at the above address. We would like to inform you that our establishing lists of our customers email addresses, has been registered with the Moroccan norms in conformity with its guidelines. Under no circumstance will we disclose any of our customers personal information to third parties. 

13. International sales and applicable law

Any litigious product order, be it related to its fulfillment, interpretation, validity or its cancellation, will be subject to examination under the Moroccan legislation exclusively.

14. Validity of the present terms and conditions

If one or more of the above general conditions are to be deemed as invalid in application of a specific law, or a competent court decision, all others will nonetheless retain their full force.

All orders made on the HYSBIO website are subject to the general terms and conditions described below. The purpose of these is to define the rights and obligations attached to sale transactions. Since these transactions are made online, your agreement to these terms and conditions is implicit with no hand written signature being required to acknowledge them.